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Brett McGinn a Hopeless Romantic

Do you think you’re one grand gesture away from winning over someone that just wants to be friends with you?...

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R.I.P Brangelina

Like a life-threatening disease, love doesn’t discriminate. Yes, even Hollywood’s most notorious power couple, Brangelina, can fall out of love....

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Does Love Really Fucking Suck?

Many people ask me why my business is called Love Fucking Sucks. When I tell them that I’m a hopeless...

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Fuck Self-Deprecation

I am a self-professed master self-deprecator. As empathetic as I am, I have always been extremely hard on myself. I...

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I Found Love in a Hopeless Place

While most men my age seek prostitutes and cocaine when visiting Colombia (go watch another episode of Narcos bros), my...

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Dating after a breakup

Your relationship recently ended and you think you’re ready to date again. I’ve got one question: where’s the fucking fire?!...

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The “One”

So you think you found “the one”? You didn’t. Sure, you might have met someone that’s compatible with you, but...

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